Distinguished IBSA Goalball Family,  

We have a pleasure to invite Goalball European A National Teams to take part in the Ladie’s and Men’s Goalball European A Championship which will take place in the Blacksea side of Turkey Samsun.

About Samsun

Samsun is a city on the north coast of Turkey with a population of around 1.4 million people. It is the provincial capital of Samsun Province and a major Black Sea port. The growing city has two universities, several hospitals, shopping malls, much light manufacturing industry, sports facilities and an opera.Samsun is a long city which extends along the coast between two river deltas which jut into the Black Sea. It is located at the end of an ancient route from Cappadocia: the Amisos of antiquity lay on the headland northwest of the modern city center.
The city is growing fast: land has been reclaimed from the sea and many more apartment blocks and shopping malls are currently being built. Industry is tending to move (or be moved) east, further away from the city center and towards the airport.


Samsun has a humid subtropical climate, typical for the region, but Samsun is nevertheless drier during summer and milder during winter than most of the southern Black Sea coast.

Summers are quite warm, the average maximum temperature is around 27 °C (81 °F) in August. Winters are cool to mild and wet, the lowest average minimum temperature is around 4 °C (39 °F) in January.

Precipitation is heaviest in late autumn and early winter. Snow sometimes occurs between the months of December and March, but temperatures below the freezing point rarely last more than a couple of days.

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Travelling to Turkey

*Every member of a team (player, official, etc.) travelling to Turkey MUST present a negative Covid-19 test from their home country done within the last 72 hours at the Turkish border, including a certified validation of the tests done by the doctor of the national team of your association.

*While travelling, all protection measures (face masks, social distancing, ...) must be respected.

*It is recommended that everyone should proactively and regularly check their health status (including taking their temperature and monitoring for any symptoms) before coming to the Turkey. It is requested to not travel if you feel any symptoms that can be related to Covid-19.

*Please visit https://register.health.gov.tr  website to fill the form. The form must be filled in within the last 72 hours before travel. Information on the website should be filled in order to provide you proper information and protect the health of yours and loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. A private HES code will be created automatically by the given information. We will be able to contact with you in the case of any contact with Covid-19 patient during your travel and staying thanks to HES Code. For this reason, the accuracy and updateability of the information is quite important. The form you will fill may be checked at the borders of the Republic of Turkey whether you have filled in this form or not, and If you haven’t filled in the form or made misleading statements, you may face legal and administrative sanctions. Furthermore, you might not be allowed to enter Turkey. (if you are not a Turkish Citizen or you do not have a residence permit).

In Samsun

It is requested to not travel or move around if you feel unwell, fatigue, cold symptoms, fever, coughing, and in more severe cases shortness of breath which are COVID-19’s most common symptoms. In case you have any of the above symptoms please directly inform the organisers and stay in your room. Observe the rules of cough hygiene and regularly wash your hands with soap/warm water or hand disinfectant. It is recommended that players, coaches and technical officials do not socialise and follow the principles of social distancing when possible.

PCR Test

Everyone must be tested again 72 hours after arrival in Turkey. Test will be done on 1st November 2021 at the Hotel. Individual tests will have to be paid for by teams/federations. The cost per test is €70.The results will be available within 4 hours and only if everyone within the team is testednegative, the team can participate in the tournament from Thursday onwards. After getting your negative test results, you are also allowed to interact with other teams. In case of even one positive test within the team (player or official), the whole team will be excluded from the competition and the whole team will be isolated (Positive test result isolation 14 days).

Please Note That You Have to Bring Your ID or Passport to be tested.

If you have any symptoms (Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathingfatigue, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose. ) please stay in yourroom and contact competition office.

Anyone with a positive test MUST stay in the quarantine hotel provided by the LOC.The cost must be paid by the National Federation.
Qurantine cost per person  is 1960 € in total.

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